US Sanctions against Venezuela are Piracy, Cuban FM Asserts

Havana, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, called the new sanctions announced by the United States against Venezuela’s oil sector, which also aim to affect Cuba, economic piracy.

I denounce the escalation of ‘monroistic’ aggressions by the United States against Our America and the use of scandalous lies against Cuba’, he wrote on Twitter in response to measures released by Vice President Mike Pence.

Washington on Friday sanctioned 34 vessels owned or operated by PDVSA, as well as two additional companies that transport crude oil to Cuba, in its crusade of hostility towards Caracas and Havana.

Foreign Minister Rodriguez said the new sanctions are part of the White House administration’s goal of stealing the country’s resources, but they will fail.

Regarding Cuba, he stressed that 60 years of imperialist aggression have not bowed the will of the Cuban people.

The new measures currently being celebrated by high officials and anti-Cuban politicians in the United States will not be achieved. They know that they go against the sense of history and the majority will of the American people’, he added.

Washington is committed to regime change in Venezuela and accuses Cuba of being the support of President Nicolas Maduro, whom it does not recognize, despite his categorical victory in last May’s elections.

The oil sector, on which the South American nation depends to access foreign exchange, has been the main target of sanctions aimed at economic asphyxiation. As a result of the agreements between Havana and Caracas, based on solidarity and economic complementation, Cuba receives oil from its trading partner.

Pence argued in announcing measures to affect both countries that ‘Venezuela’s oil belongs to the Venezuelan people’, appealing to the tired discourse that these are ‘given’ resources.


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