US Repeats Same Script against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

New York, US, Jun 14 (Prensa Latina) The United States is repeating the same script against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as it tries to discredit those countries” social achievements and to punish them with sanctions that affect their economies and their peoples.

The warning was made by the US lawyer and writer Dan Kovalik, author of the book The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela, which deals about the attempts by the US Government to eliminate the socialist system in that South American country.

During the book launch on Thursday at The People’s Forum in New York, Kovalik warned about the new sanctions against Venezuela and how Cuba is accused of sending troops to the Bolivarian nation, when in fact that Caribbean country is sending doctors and teachers to support social projects.

Washington is not truly interested in freedom or democracy: what happens every time it tries to implement plans to ‘save’ a country, the examples of Iraq and Libya are clear, said the analyst, who is an expert in human rights.

According to Kovalik, a strong advocate of peace and a critic of the US Government’s warmongering policies, the sanctions implemented by Washington against Cuba and Venezuela can cause serious damage.

For her part, the US activist Ann Fawcett denounced the hostile policies by the Donald Trump administration against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Washington has tried to eliminate the Revolution in Cuba and Venezuela since the beginning, ignoring international law regarding non-intervention in the internal affairs of other States, the retired lawyer noted.


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