US Powerboat Drivers Set New Speed Record from Key West to Havana

Havana, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) US duo composed of Jay Johnson and Nigel Hook set a new record, covering the distance from Key West, Florida, to Havana, the Cuban capital city in one hour 18 minutes and three seconds.

On board of the powerboat Lucas Oil Silver Hook 77, the US pilots broke the previous record, which was one hour and 30 minutes, set by German pilot Roger Kluh on August 1, 2015, with the boat Apache Star.

About the trip, Hook told the news agency Prensa Latina that most part of the course was tight, on waters that they had never traveled before and only when they came near this capital, the sea began to become calm and they were able to speed up.

Despite conditions were not the best, the challenge by the sea was something wonderful to set the record, said Hook, who also appeared eager to start their return this afternoon, in which he was expecting to find a less choppy sea.

In that reference, he said that the main objective of covering this distance was getting to this city with a new record, once that the outward journey entails returning home.

Beyond the record, Hook highlighted that ‘this opens a new opportunity for sports and for the friendship between Cubans and US citizens to increase, and we want all to enjoy this possibility. We can show the world that hatred does not bring anything good.’


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