US organizations to condemn hostile actions on Cuba


Washington, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) A group of progressive organizations from the northeast of the United States will conduct activities to condemn anti-Cuban plotting on Monday, the No Embargo Cuba Movement (NEMO) reported.

In a statement, NEMO announced that some events will be held in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. NEMO, Greater New Haven Peace Council, Greater Hartford Cuba Solidarity Committee, Latin Unit in Action, Neighbors United, Latin America Solidarity, WSP of America, Coalition of Massachusetts, Veteran for Peace Connecticut and Green Party of Connecticut will also participate in the events.

We want to spread the truth about Cuba to counteract massive media hypes that will occur if any march is carried out in Cuba on November 15, NEMO pointed out.

Demonstrations supporting Cuba will be conducted in New York, Hartford, New Haven, Boston, Middletown, New Britain and other cities in order to deny the anti-Cuban slanders.

We Cuba´s friends will protect the permanent Cuban mission to the United Nations, since there is a counterrevolutionary call to gather in front of the diplomatic legation.

Likewise, NEMO indicated, we plan to intensify in coming days (during and after November 15) the visit to US congressmen to explain to them the truth about Cuba and how its government and people want a better relationship with the United States.

NEMO also intends to condemn the breach of President Joe Biden´s electoral promises and express total rejection of US State Department´s statement on Nov. 14 “trying to intervene in Cuba´s internal affairs in the most shameless and illegal way.”

This is a moment of truth, let’s talk now or be silent forever. Being silent ahead of such aggression on Cuba is an inexcusable act of cowardice, NEMO stressed.

We cannot turn a blind eye, or ignore our rejection, while the United States is trying to stifle Cuba´s economy as did so to assassinate George Floyd in Minneapolis! Homeland or Death! We Shall Overcome!


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