US organizations ask Biden for a change in policy on Cuba

Washington, May 6 (Prensa Latina) A group of US organizations representing farmers, environmentalists, academics, civil society and climate justice movements called on Washington to change its policy on Cuba, according to a report released here on Thursday.

In total, 36 organizations from those sectors sent a letter to US President Joe Biden, asking him to reverse the failed policies of his predecessor Donald Trump, as promised in his presidential campaign.

The signatories of the letter demand that he comply with such oaths and request that he attend to the petitions of millions of people around the world with the same claim, including 79 congresspersons and other US organizations.

So states a press release from the Cuban embassy in Washington, which explains that the signatories of the letter to Biden, sent on Wednesday, belong to different sectors of civil society and actively collaborate with their colleagues on Cuba.

Many of them even participated in exchanges of knowledge to search for solutions to the multiple social and ecological crises in the region, the text refers.

The claim of those 36 US organizations summarizes the need to put an end to US policies that continue, among other things, to block Cuba’s capacity to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.


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