US Newspaper Opens Poll on Hillary Clinton’s Proposal to Lift the Blockade of Cuba

The Journal Jersey has launched a survey with the question: Do you agree with Hillary Clinton that US Cuban embargo should end? announcing its results for Saturday.

The New Jersey-based on-line publication recalled that “In an appearance in New York hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, the former secretary of state said, “I think we should advocate for the end of the embargo. We should advocate for normalizing relations and see what they (Cuban officials) do.”

The publication also explains that the economic blockade of Cuba has been enforced for over half a century now, while major US presidential candidates have trodden carefully in discussing the lifting of the US hostile policy on Cuba for fear of alienating voters in the state of Florida.

According to the Journal Jersey, Hillary believes that the younger generation of Cuban Americans will not go against her for having suggested that Washington should lift its blockade of Cuba, an extraterritorial policy that has affected the life of the Cuban people by inflicting huge damage in all sectors of society. (acn)

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