US Movement ratifies its fight against the blockade of Cuba

Washington, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) With more than 100,000 members, the Global Anti-Blockade of Cuba Movement (NEMO), an initiative that unites efforts from the United States to eliminate that policy of suffocation against the island, is celebrating its first anniversary on Friday.

Created on January 28, 2021, in homage to the birthday of Cuba’s National Hero, José Martí (1853-1895), NEMO has had “an important impact both on the main digital media and some political organizations,” according to a press release sent by this group to Prensa Latina.

In this first year, its members wrote, received and disseminated about 96,000 publications, more than 913,000 comments and participated in some 400 acts of solidarity with Cuba, including 80 caravans in seven states and several countries.

The activists met with dozens of US political personalities to report the truth about Cuba; in addition, in front of the UN headquarters in New York, they called for the lifting of this unilateral blockade imposed by the White House on Cuba for more than six decades.
NEMO also denounced the attempts of a soft coup against Cuba through destabilizing actions such as last year’s July 11 riots and the aborted plans of November 15.

One of this platform’s goals for 2022 is to continue promoting the Million Voices Against the Embargo on Cuba Campaign, the statement notes.

In addition, it will intensify the dissemination of information on Cuban reality and support, in the November mid-term election, the Democratic and progressive candidates who condemn this Washington’s hostile policy.

The Movement reiterated its commitment to the Cuban people to continue struggling for the lifting of the blockade and condemned the unfulfilled promises of President Joe Biden, who has maintained the “cruel additional measures imposed by Donald Trump” for a year since he took office.

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