US Measures Strongly Affect Cuban Commerce

luz-bhamelHavana.- The measures of the United States against Cuba strongly affect trade in this country, stated today the Director of the Trade Policy Division with North America of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Maria de la Luz B’Hamel.

The official stated that even in the interest of investors from that northern country is necessary to say that still remain many obstacles that could hinder future agreements.

This happens despite the restoration of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana this year, even if some restrictions are more flexible.

She pointed out that the effects of these economic, trade and financial obstacles (the blockade) have a strong impact on foreign investment and international cooperation.

She also informed that the damage to the island’s economy until June of this year amounted $833,8 billion USD, in reference to the world market gold price. In terms of current prices it amounted $121,2 billion USD.

From April 2014 to the same month in 2015, the damage to Cuban foreign trade reached $3,850,916,429 USD. (PL)

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