US measures Against Cuba Affect 800,000 Bookings On Cruises

Washington, June 5 (Prensa Latina) The International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA) reported on Wednesday that travel limitations against Cuba affect almost 800,000 passenger bookings already planned or in progress, which were made under a general license previously issued by the

Government which authorized people to travel to Cuba.
Washington D.C. is CLIA’s headquarters, this commercial organization represents the largest cruise industry worldwide, which issued a statement on the decision of Donald Trump’s Government to implement measures that restrict the activities of the sector in Cuba.

Trump’s executive reported yesterday that as of this Wednesday, it prohibits group educational trips from people to people, recognized as the most used by Americans to visit Cuba.

In addition, the cruise routes banned, are the fastest-growing travel route among US citizens to go to that destination, since in the future they will not be able to go to Cuba in private and corporate planes, cruises, sailboats , fishing boats and other aircraft or similar vessels´.

‘Without prior notice, CLIA´s cruise line members are forced to eliminate with immediate effect all destinations to Cuba off their itineraries,’ the association indicated.

We are disappointed that the cruise ships no longer operate in Cuba. While it is out of our control, we sincerely regret all the passengers´expectations for their previously booked itineraries, stated Adam Goldstein, president of CLIA.

Many cruises have been forced to remove Cuba from their destinations such as Carnival Corporation Company,Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line vessel. The latter, Norwegian Sky was in Cuba when announcing the restrictions, thus it left Havana today, and the firm informed its clients that another of its boats destined for Havana was redirected to Nassau, Bahamas.


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