US Government Opens Probe into Subversive Anti-Cuba Twitter-like Program

A US government investigator  launched a probe into the subversive program aimed at setting up a twitter-like network for Cuba in 2010 called Zunzuneo, in order to find out if was appropriately supervised by the US administration.

The probe will focus on the proceedings used by the US International Development Agency (USAID) to evade Cuban laws on the Internet access, according to PL news agency, which cites an article published Thursday by The Washington Post.

The investigative action comes on the heels of a report by The Associated Press which corroborated reiterated denunciations by Havana about the sponsoring by Washington of plans to encourage Cuban youths to go counterrevolutionary.

According to AP, over one thousand documents confirmed the creation of the Zuzuneo network, promoted by the USAID, whose aim was becoming popular among Cuban youths to then “push them into dissidence.”

Several US legislators, including Patrick Leahy, a democrat for Vermont, strongly criticized the plan and questioned up to what extent the US Congress was informed about it.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee ordered a revision of the Zunzuneo program and of the USAID, and it also ordered the handing in of all documents on the anti-Cuba platform.

Political analysts say that the actions by the USAID area also counterproductive for US policy and a violation of Cuban sovereignty.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry alerted that the US program to set up a social network with destabilizing aims proves that Washington insists in its subversive plans against the island.

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