US Government for a New Discredit Campaign against Venezuela

Caracas, June 4 (Prensa Latina) The United States Government is on Tuesday insisting on bringing Venezuela into disrepute through a new campaign so as to further alienate global public opinion regarding the harsh situation in the South American nation, the Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza stated.

‘Alleged US intelligence-linked investigators and financed by some companies deeply interested in Venezuela, are currently preparing some files to justify any deed against Venezuela’, the Foreign Minister stressed.

In this regard, the Jorge Arreaza challenged a report published by the self-appointed Center for International and Strategic Studies (CEIE), headquartered in US’, where they are clearly organizing a multipurpose intelligence action’ against Venezuela, he said.

Jorge Arreaza stressed on Monday that some CEIE´s members were actively involved in laying siege to the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, in April and May.

On this issue, the Venezuela FM quoted the journalistic investigation portal Mision Verdad (Mission Truth) which made a detailed analysis of CEIE’s published information, in which they assured the existence of a conspiracy through the local media outlets for increasing the Donald Trump administration’s sanctions against Caracas.

Likewise, the statement accuses the Venezuelan Government of ‘bank to bank’ money laundering and ‘fake infrastructure projects’.

Jorge Arreaza also assured that Venezuela is victim of an operation against its economy, political system and national stability’, so it sounds illogical that a State victim of these hybrid-war operations can be termed as criminal’, he asserted.


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