US Economic Blockade Affects Transport Sector in Cuba

bloqueo-transporteHavana, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) The U.S. blockade against Cuba has severely affected the transportation sector in the island, which repercussion has been at around $520,541,000 million USD during the last year, as a result of this policy of economic asphyxiation.

So, Cuban authorities recognize it in its annual report, which will be presented at the United Nations on October 27 -on the need to end the U.S. economic blockade, denouncing that that siege imposed against the Caribbean island is reflected in many hostile measures adopted by Washington.

In that sense, for example, the prohibited access to U.S. ports for international shipbuilders whose ships are being navigated by Cuban crews.

Penalties remain for each day of Cuban crews in port, which total $1,500 USD, in addition of the prohibition from setting foot on land, which is a violation of the agreements established by international maritime organizations, the island’s government states.

Civil aeronautics is the transportation sector that has been most affected by the blockadeâ�Ös prohibitions and regulations. During this period, damages on civil aviation are estimated at $288,386,591 USD.

Among the limitations imposed by this hostile policy are the prohibitions on Cuban airline companies to operate in the United States.

The prevalence of laws prohibiting the acquisition of advanced technology, equipment, parts, pieces and other accessories for aircraft and limitation to Cuban airlines to fly over the territory of the United States for direct and most economic routes, also persists.

Furthermore, Cubana de Aviacion S.A. cannot participate in the advantages of the computerized Air Reservations distribution systems, since most of these are the property of the United States or respond to U.S. interests.

Emergency equipment manufactured by the firm Air Cruisers Company, LLC, installed on Cuban aircrafts, such as toboggans, rafts and life vests, may not be bought nor sent to be checked at the centers outfitted for that purpose on American soil and at approved maintenance stations in the region.

Therefore, such means should be taken to Russia, bringing damages for freight and customs inspections.

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