US-Cuba Business Council Urges to Allow Americans to Travel to Cuba

Washington, Jun 5 ( Prensa Latina ) The US-Cuba Business Council called on Donald Trump”s administration to allow Americans to use their freedom to travel to Cuba in the face of new restrictions taking effect this Wednesday.

That organization, wich is member of the US Chamber of Commerce, also encouraged Congress to act in support of that basic right of the US citizens, which, according to many voices, is violated by the new measures announced by the executive.

The Departments of State, Commerce and Treasury announced Tuesday that since Wednesday it has been forbidden to allow people-to-people educational group trips under the direction of an organization subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

According to the statement, the new restrictions will disrupt commercial operations in the travel sector, which is out of line with the administration’s stated efforts to prevent harm to U.S. companies doing business legally in Cuba.

Besides, the statement added that new businessmen and the Cuban people will be harmed by the changes, groups the U.S. government said it intended to support when Trump signed a presidential memorandum in June 2017 that backtracked on rapprochement with Cuba.

Carlos Gutierrez, President of the organization, recalled on Twitter that Cuba is the only country, with the exception of North Korea, where a U.S. citizen cannot travel freely.

According to the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, the restrictions will affect Cubans, including children and the elderly.


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