US citizens take keen interest in Cuba´s reality

US citizens take keen interest in Cuba´s reality

Washington, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) Members of the International Club of Annapolis (ICA), in Maryland, United States, on Friday met with Cuban diplomats to debate on impacts of US blockade against Cuba and other issues of interest.

Ernest Tucker and Philip Reynolds, ICA president and vice president, respectively, invited Alejandro García, second head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington, and Asdrúval de la Vega, third secretary of the Cuban legation, to talk with ICA members.

The Cuban officials tackled down on damage caused by the unilateral US blockade against Cuban, imposed and tightened with over 240 measures implemented under Donald Trump’s administration (2017-2021) to stifle Cuba´s economy, which remain unchanged under current Joe Biden´s administration.

Likewise, both sides discussed the efforts of Cuban scientists and doctors to develop their own vaccines and effective treatments to fight Covid-19 for the sake of reducing death rates, Mr. García posted on Facebook. Issues closely related to the Cuban history were also debated, including US intervention in the last stage of the war of independence against Spain, the triumph of the Revolution and the subsequent process of property nationalization.

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