US blockade violates Cuban people’s human rights

Beijing, Nov 4 (Prensa Latina) The United States economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba violates all human rights of the Cuban people, inasmuch as it prevents the country from being part of the world economy, a top Nicaraguan official said in China on Monday.

Paul Oquist, minister of the Private Secretariat for National Policies, told Prensa Latina that despite the global consensus on the need to end the policy, Washington is still determined to maintain the blockade, even by sanctioning third countries for not complying with it.

He condemned the extraterritorial nature of the blockade and its use to impose unilateral sanctions that are considered economic aggressions.

‘All countries in the world have accompanied the struggle against the blockade. Except one or two satellite states that are totally dependent on the United States,’ stressed the official, who noted the illegality of any punitive actions taken outside the framework of the United Nations Security Council.

Oquist criticized the White House and the Treasury Department for adopting that stance and punishing Venezuela, Nicaragua and Iran, as well as individuals and organizations from other countries of the world.

‘It is dangerous; it can lead to military conflicts (for example) in Iran and the Persian Gulf, where high tensions exist due to (the United States) withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the resumption of new economic aggressions against that country,’ he warned.


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