US Blockade to Cuba Remains Invariable, Granma Says

Havana, Mar 25 (Prensa Latina) The review by the United States of a list of sanctions to entities and individuals linked to Cuba was rejected today as a routine event and without any relation with the recent changes in the Washington policy toward the island.

A comment released today in Granma newspaper states that the announced decision by the Department of the Treasure to exclude companies and peoples from the list of “Specially Designated Nationals,” has been received “with excessive pomp and ceremony” in international media.

The blockade imposed by the United States to Cuba remains intact, it continues affecting more than 11 million Cubans and thousands of companies and institutions from our country, stresses the note issued in the official daily of the Cuban Communist Party.

According to the announcement released yesterday in Washington, the Department of the Treasure decided to exclude from that list some 45 Cuban entities or those linked to Cuba, of them 28 companies, 11 vessels and six people, mostly related to tourism industry.

But Granma’s comment stresses that the U.S. blockade to Cuba continues punishing, as a result of its extra-territorial application, to entities from third countries.

The publication cites as the latest example of the effectiveness of that policy the fine announced on March 12 to the German bank Commerzbank, for the giant figure of $1.710 million USD, the second largest one imposed by the United States, for violating sanctions against Cuba, Sudan, and Myanmar.

The list of “Specially Designated Nationals” is a “blacklist” that includes individuals, companies and institutions, operating on behalf of countries that are subject to economic sanctions by the United States as the blockade on Cuba.

Granma’s comment states that the review by the Department of the Treasure from that list is a routine process, which is usually performed to exclude from it entities or individuals that have disappeared or individuals who have died.

The media that has reported this news have not bothered to check if those entities exist or not, and if those mentioned people are alive or not, Granma states.


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