US Blockade to Cuba Condemned at Euro-Lat Assembly

San Salvador, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian Senator Roberto Requiao reiterated today his demand to the parliamentarians of Europe and Latin America to repudiate the upsurge of the US blockade against Cuba, despite world rejection.

In his farewell as president of the Euro-Latin American (Euro-Lat) Parliamentary Assembly, Requiao called the policy with which the United States tries to stifle the island economically more than half a century ago as ‘ill-fated’.

He noted that the administration of Barack Obama made late efforts to smooth the so-called ’embargo’, but President Donald Trump renewed it as part of a management he called ‘schizophrenic with ultra-right accents.’

In that sense, the former governor and current deputy of the state of Paraná called on the members of Euro-Lat to jointly and firmly face the interests of financial capital that strangle the world economy. He warned that speculation and bank fraud prevail overproduction, and regretted not being able to make an optimistic retrospective of his two years as Latin American holder of the bi-regional mechanism.

He estimated that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union through the Brexit, as well as Trump’s electoral triumph, seem to be national reactions to financial globalization, the derangement of speculative capital, and economic trans-nationalization.

‘However, such reactions do not offer a way out of the crisis, in addition to fermenting xenophobia and racism,’ said Requiao, who attacked Washington’s traditional sense of supremacy and ownership of Latin America.

‘The threat of military intervention in Venezuela, rather than bravado of Mr. Trump, is the reiteration of the never-revoked policy of the ‘big stick,’ a result of the still-current Monroe Doctrine.

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