US Blockade Hinders Modernization of Cuban Sugar Industry

Havana, Cuba, Sep 29.- The US economic blockade of Cuba makes it very difficult and costly to undertake important investment on the island’s sugar industry, said the director of Industrial Plants with the sugar sector in the eastern province of Camaguey Erduin Delgado.

Some investment implemented so far has been financed with limited credits and after purchasing resources in far-away markets like China and some European nations, which makes it more costly and complicated given the distance, the freight and the time it also takes to have the equipment and resources to start the processes.

Technological development in the field of boilers and grinding machines for the sugar industry has considerably advanced and favored efficiency, but Cuba cannot access to such technology and has to keep repairing equipment and systems that have been in operations even for 100 years.

The preparation of the November sugar campaign will have limitations in terms of resources like bearings for instance, along other necessary elements, the executive said and added that the problem is that Cuba cannot purchase from a nearby provider like the United States, but from far-away markets.

Meanwhile, the director of the Camaguey-based Batalla de Las Guasimas sugar mill, Felix Aparicio, told the Cuban News Agency that they could purchase specific boiler parts at the US market, but the blockade forbids such kind of operation. The same situation affects the purchase of tractors to prepare the land, fertilizers, pesticides and other crucial resources.(acn).

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