US blockade harms pediatric patients in Cuba

Havana, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) Pediatric patients are suffering from the effects of the United States economic blockade, according to the report recently presented to the United Nations General Assembly by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

An example of this is that Cuba cannot acquire the IQ 577 model Laser System, from the US company Iridex Corporation, thus limiting the treatment of dozens of children with Retinopathy of Prematurity who are diagnosed every year and, if they are not treated with the appropriate means, they run the risk of losing their sight.

From August 2021 to February 2022, eight Cuban children with different types of cancer could not receive the most suitable chemotherapy treatment against their disease and had to resort to second-line protocols due to difficulties in accessing drugs such as Actinomycin D, Ifosfamide and Procarbazine.

Cuban pediatric patients with cardiovascular conditions cannot use biological cardiac implant materials, such as biological heart valves manufactured in the United States, thus forcing the use of mechanical valves that require anticoagulant treatments that expose the patient to more complications.

The report added that the drug Nusinersen, produced only by the US multinational company Biogen and highly effective in keeping more than half of the patients with infantile spinal atrophy alive, is also not available to sick children in Cuba.

Cuban authorities charged that Washington’s economic blockade is a total violation of the human rights of Cubans and has caused damage in the last 60 years amounting to about 150.410 billion dollars, at current prices.

The world condemned these hostile actions for the thirtieth time on November 3, when 185 countries voted in favor of Cuba’s resolution against the US blockade at the United Nations General Assembly, while two nations (United States and Israel) voted against it, and two members (Ukraine and Brazil) abstained.


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