US Blockade Endangers Right to Food of Cuban People

cuba-bloqueoHavana, The economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba has among its main objectives endangering the right to food of the Cuban people.

That result seeks in the reality that the island has one of the most comprehensive social protection programs of the world designed by the Revolution to ensure the eradication of hunger, and considers food security for all citizens a strategic priority.

Despite the aggression, Cuba guarantees food for schools and workplaces, also making efforts to eating a healthy balanced diet, something recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

However, it is important to state that the amount of damages caused to the food sector, according to a conservative data, has reached $592,269,000 million USD, something that the relocation of markets to ensure imports aimed to the food industry has much to do.

This is a result of a rise in costs and additional expenses for the concept of maritime freights, onerous exchange rates, and the prohibition on using U.S. dollar for any commercial transaction.

As in all cases, there are examples that constitute the most reliable evidence of the problems of a measure intended to cause the possible greatest damages to the entire Cuban society, ignoring the minimum respect for its human rights.

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