US Blockade Cannot Block Principles in Cuba, Diaz-Canel Says

Havana, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel reiterated Thursday that the US economic blockade against his country will never block the principles, convictions and patriotism of the Caribbean nation.

‘The blockade and financial affectations will never undermine the Cuban independence and national sovereignty, even with the application of the Title III and IV of the Helms Burton Act,’ said a statement written by the Cuban President in Twitter.

For 60 years now, the US economic blockade has caused losses for more than 900 billion dollars to Cuba.

Before the General Assembly of the United Nations, the international community has expressed on 27 occasions the rejection of that policy aimed at causing hunger, disease and despair in the Cuban population with the intention of achieving a change of regime in the Caribbean nation.

Far from accepting the global demand for the end of the blockade, Washington continues to reinforce the political, administrative and repressive mechanisms for its more effective and deliberate implementation.

US government plan to suffocate Cubans includes new restrictions on travel of US citizens to Cuba and limits on remittances received by the inhabitants of the Caribbean nation from their families in the United States.

In addition, the US Treasury Department also suspended cruise trips to the island, as well as private planes and ships; while the restrictions on transactions on the island that are related to the US financial system are strongly sharpening.

Specialists point out that the increased aggressiveness of the United States Government against Cuba responds to the hostage-taking of the foreign policy of that northern country by people like Senator Marco Rubio and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

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