US Blockade against Cuba is Criminal, Unfair and Unacceptable

Rome, Oct 29 (Prensa Latina) Marco Papacci, vice president of the Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association, described the blockade imposed by the United States on the Caribbean nation as criminal, unjust and unacceptable.

For the also secretary of the Rome circle of that solidarity organization, that genocidal policy in force for more than half a century is ‘a shameful blackmail for Cuba to change its political system.’

Papacci valued that 55 years is a long time, ‘the majority of the Cuban people was born under the blockade’ and stressed – in statements to Prensa Latina – that the economic adversities the country is going through and prevent it from fully developing are consequences of that set of aggressive measures.

However, he clarified, with the efforts of all, that small country exhibits, and even shares in solidarity with other poor nations, outstanding results in culture, sports, in the social field, and shows comparable health indicators even with developed nations.

‘With difficulties, with a lot of sacrifice, but it has done it’, he pointed out and added, in reference to the Helms-Burton Law, approved in 1996 by President William Clinton, that everything that is done against Cuba also blocks and deprives from its rights the nations longing for negotiations with her.

With that legislation, recalls Papacci, the blockade reaches, ‘an open and illegal extraterritorial connotation, an example of international piracy, a policy that we know is not a secret for anyone, it is run by the Cuban-US Miami mafia.’

In his opinion, there is no ’embargo’ against Cuba , as some call it, but a blockade, the longest in world history against any nation, accompanied by ‘laws, presidential decrees and internal and external administrative measures of a political, commercial, financial and legal international scope ‘.

All accompanied, he added, during several years of ‘espionage operations, military and direct support and proved terrorist activities.’

The incumbent president, Donald Trump, ‘excels himself with the extreme right of Miami in search of support, while playing the war, falling out with half a world, seeking enemies everywhere and favoring with that the industry of armaments and those who support his election.

Marco Papacci was pleased to remember that his organization was born in 1961 when the Bay of Pigs invasion, and for years, he said, we asked many senators and deputies of our country to present a motion to ask the United States to lift the blockade on Cuba and Many always listen to us.

On the vote on the Cuban resolution against the blockade at the UN General Assembly on November 1, Papacci expressed his conviction that Cuba will win, the world will decide again in favor of justice, while the United States and Israel will return to their old attitude.

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