US attorneys call Biden to remove Cuba from infamous terrorism list

Washington, Jan 23 (Prensa Latina) U.S. attorneys expressed in a letter sent to President Joe Biden the lack of justification for keeping on Cuba on Washington’s unilateral terrorism list of alleged infamous state sponsors and called for its elimination.

In the letter, 160 professional signatories praised their deep concern for Cuba´s inclusion on that list, despite the absence of legal or moral arguments, as well as the rejection of international leaders and U.S. civil society organizations.

“Almost half of his term has elapsed and there has been no outward gesture or recognition that Cuba’s inclusion on this list was deserved,” the attorneys pointed out.

Therefore, they urged the US government to immediately initiate a review and notification process to remove Havana from this list.

According to the Alliance for Commitment and Respect for Cuba (ACERE) organization, the letter was sent to Joe Biden on January 20, a date that matches his second-half administration.

The message reinforces the demands of a letter sent to Biden by 18 former governors, as well as petitions signed by thousands of citizens seeking the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Havana, and the cessation of coercive measures.

According to Mayte Sosa, ACERE member, it is clear “that Cuba´s inclusion on the State Sponsors of Terrorism is unjust and lacks merit”.

In this regard, he asked Biden to “take immediate steps to rectify this injustice”.


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