Uruguayan solidarity members deliver 500,000 syringes to Cuba

Montevideo, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) The Uruguayan Anti-imperialist Committee of Solidarity with Cuba and the peoples of the world on Wednesday symbolically delivered 500,000 syringes to Cuban Ambassador Hector Fraginals, during the farewell act for the diplomatic mission of the official in this country.

On behalf of that Organization, Janina Dos Santos, a doctor graduated in Cuba, recalled Jose Marti’s embrace to the humble Uruguayans and Fidel Castro’s when at the beginning of the Revolution, he visited this South American country and donated 20,000 dollars of the time to the poorest and those affected by floods.

She also evoked hundreds of exiles protected in difficult times, students trained in Cuban universities, thousands of prostheses that benefitted compatriots and more than 100,000 eye surgeries.

Dos Santos emphasized that despite the crime against humanity from imperialism, Cuba became a biotechnological power that develops its own Covid-19 vaccines.

Jorge Bermudez, member of the secretariat of the PIT-CNT trade union, considered that hosting an activity of solidarity with Cuba in the headquarters is always a source of pride, and pointed out Marti’s figure in the center that “accompanies us and expresses our anti-imperialist conception.”


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