Uruguayan President Grateful for Cuban Medical Support

Uruguay’s president Jose Mujica thanked Cuba for its medical support over the past years, which included over 50 thousand free eye surgeries and for what he called a great lesson of ethics.

Mujica congratulated 22 members of a Cuban brigade working in Uruguay and praised the support that the island gives to other countries of the world.

During a ceremony in a theater in the capital Montevideo, Mujica also thanked Cuba for having trained over 400 doctors for his country. He said, they are around here and they do not ask how much they will be paid or where they will have to go to offer their services; they go where they are needed, to the most remote areas, which were forgotten sometimes in this country, in order to take the people some hope.

Thanks Cubans for all you have given us, and particularly for this lesson of ethics, said Mujica amidst the applause of hundreds of senior citizens who were submitted to eye surgery.

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