Uruguay: Fidel will Remain in the Conscience of the Peoples

Montevideo, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) The Coordinator of Support for the Cuban Revolution in Uruguay stated today that the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, will remain in the conscience of the peoples and, above all, of the most needy.

In a statement, the Uruguayan organization sends the people and the government of Cuba ‘their deepest sympathies for the physical disappearance of the endearing revolutionary Commander Fidel Castro’.

His thought and actions for the humanity, ‘as a paladin of solidarity and unity, will remain in the conscience of the people, and especially in the most deprived,’ she remarked.

The text states that ‘the Cuban people should know’ that the same way they venerate him for all he forged throughout his existence as the leader of the Cuban revolutionary process, ‘here he has also been a guide for us’.

We assume the political and ideological commitment to continue deepening solidarity with the Revolution and working to continue strengthening ties of friendship with this courageous people, committed to the idea of continuing to build a socialist society, says the document.


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