Unity: A word of order for G77+China, claims Cuba Vice President

Kampala, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) Unity should be the perfect word of order for the G77+China in these difficult times, when maneuvers to divide the countries of the South are being spread, Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa said on Sunday.

Opening the 3rd South Summit of the G77+China, Valdes Mesa, representing Cuban delegation, reiterated his satisfaction of being in African lands to which we are united by deep brotherhood and solidarity relations.

“Africa deserves all our respect and support on the road to development, so I greet with special affection to its leaders. I recognize, in particular, the leadership of President Yaweri Museveni, as a promoter of peace and stability in Africa and at the international level,” Mesa stressed.

The Cuban leader pointed out that it is indispensable and urgent the effective exercise and cohesive action to change current unjust international order to free ourselves definitively from conditions of absolute disadvantage in which centuries of colonialism, neo-colonialism and dependence have been plunging us.

He recalled that, although the 2023 year was characterized by great challenges and complex processes, it also showed how much they could do if they acted in a determined and concerted manner to defense their legitimate interests and aspirations.

In this regard, Valdés Mesa mentioned the successful Summit of Heads of State and Government of the G-77+China, held past September in Havana.

Other international events such as the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, the New Global Financial Pact and the BRICS contributed to positioning the interests of developing countries in these important forums, he stressed.


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