United States, the repetition of a lie.

24 Monday Feb 2014

By Arthur Gonzalez

The Interests Section of Cuba in Washington was again forced to suspend its consular services in the U.S., unable to find a bank in this country that is safe to assume the bank accounts of the Cuban diplomatic missions.

sina-visaIt is well known that from 02.03.1962, Decree No. 3447, U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed the Federal Resolution No. 1085 on the trade embargo on Cuba, which had already passed since the 18 January the same year as part of Operation Mongoose, but with the difference that in this Operation document states that “the objective is to help achieve the Cubans to overthrow the Communist regime in Cuba and to establish a government with which the United States could live in peace. “

It further states that: “Operation is aimed at provoking a rebellion of the Cuban people to overthrow the government.”

To achieve its objectives main task was designed as a movement of political action can generate rebellion and this required support to “an economic war, which forces the system to fail in their efforts to meet the needs of the country.”

Following this line of action, the U.S. government led by Barack Obama, has refo rzado sanctions of all banks in the world to make financial transactions Cuba and since his arrival in the White House have been imposed higher penalties for more than half a century of Economic Warfare.

Between January 2009 and September 2013, the U.S. forced 30 U.S. and foreign entities to pay more than 2000 usd 446 million related to Cuba.This has meant that every day increases the number of banks receiving direct or indirect pressure from the U.S. and therefore refuse to conduct financial transactions with the island

Among the hardest hit in recent times include:

The Zurich Cantonal Bank, Banco Credit Suisse Ag, fined 536 million usd, Lloyds Bank in London, fined 80 million usd, Intesa San Paolo Bank of Italy, fined 3 million usd and the Swiss Bank UBS fined 140 million usd.

The reason for these fines and deliberate pressure from the United States is to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, as is reflected in Operation Mongoose and design of Economic Warfare, so no banks decided that running risks.

That’s the real reason why the M & T Bank Corporation, announced last November, terminate its services to diplomatic missions of Cuba.

After the diplomatic mission announced the suspension consular services not find a bank with which to operate, the Yankee government expressed “disappointed” by the decision of Cuba, and that he had “helped” to identify a viable solution.

Lying and misrepresentation of reality is always used by the U.S. government. What help can provide the United States if he has done for half a century is punishing everyone who trades with Cuba?

At the UN Cuba is supported for almost 20 years, to condemn the United States for the Economic and Financial Lock, Commercial, and almost all countries only votes against the United States and its ally Israel, but they do ignore and keep trying to reach the goal they aspire for 53 years, which is to overthrow the Revolution.

However, by decision of the current Obama administration, banks in the U.S. can now receive money from businesses that sell marijuana covered by state laws. The rules released by the Justice Department and Treasury Department say it’s a victory for these businesses, which were previously excluded from the services offered by banks due to the nature of the product they sell.

That’s the double standard of the Empire, while trying to kill an entire people, supports the drug trade and financial transactions with money derived from sales, which further stimulate business this criminal lacerating many lives of young Americans.

The attitude of the government led by Obama reminds criteria José Martí when he said:

“Only morality of individuals retains the splendor of the nations.”

That’s why the world sees America increasingly mud.

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