United Kingdom Condemns US Attempt to Harden Cuba’s Blockade

London, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom on Tuesday condemned the U.S. intentions to harden its unilateral blockade against Cuba through the activation of Title III of Helms-Burton Act.

We should do as much as we can to ensure that this inhumane policy is not exacerbated by these new measures, the organization warned in a statement released in Havana.

Last week, the US State Department announced the suspension for only 45 days of the aforementioned title of the Act that came into force in 1996.

This section, which has not been applied by any president of the United States so far, authorizes Americans to sue foreign companies and citizens who have invested in American properties nationalized in Cuba in the 1960s.

The British organization warned that the activation of Title III would end any attempt to improve relations between Washington and Havana, while stifling the trade growth between Cuba and the United Kingdom.

But the most devastating impact will undoubtedly fall on the Cuban people, which has been subjected to an economic, financial and commercial blockade that already lasts 57 years, the statement said.

The text also urges the British government to make the United States clear that it will not tolerate the imposition of sanctions on the country or local companies for trading with Cuba.

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