UNICEF Thanks Cuba for Humanitarian Support to Countries with Ebola

Malabo, Dec 13 (Prensa Latina) The representative for the United Nations Children”s Fund (UNICEF) regional office in Central Africa, Brigitte Helali, thanked here Cuba for the urgent humanitarian support it offers today with their professionals to countries hit by the Ebola virus. “We are holding a series of meetings with nations that offer cooperation, like Cuba, we want to take those countries into account for next year’s UNICEF aid programming in African nations,” stated Helali when she was received by the Ambassador of Cuba in Equatorial Guinea, Pedro Doña.

Thus, she pointed out, a tripartite collaboration with UNICEF funds from donor countries may start.

Helali, with residence in Dakar, acknowledged the continued progress Cuba has made in healthcare overall, mainly the work with pregnant women and children under five years old, and those who need special attention due to some disability, with programs that can be discussed by UNICEF, Cuba and Equatorial Guinea.

In September, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon also expressed gratitude for Cuba’s contribution in the international struggle against the Ebola epidemic.

Responding to the UN claim for global support to curb the epidemic, the Caribbean country sent to Sierra Leone a contingent of 165 specialists (62 doctors and 103 nurses).

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