UNICEF Praises Cuban “Educate your Child” Program

EDUCA_HIJO[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 23 (acn) The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) praised on Friday in this capital the Cuban Program “Educa a tu Hijo” (Educate your Child) for contributing to the comprehensive development of children and adolescents.UNICEF coordinator to Cuba, Begoña Arellano, told ACN that this method is considered to be a model to be followed by countries in the area, since it contributes not only to the wellbeing of children but also of society as a whole.

She added that “although it’s difficult to transplant the project from one country to another exactly, Educa a tu Hijo prevails in Central America for its good results and policies on that matter are executed from its foundations.”

The UN executive acknowledged that Cuba stands out internationally from the efforts it makes from primary education, and characterized this good practice as “a valuable experience.”

The 25th anniversary of the approval of the Convention on Children’s Rights will be marked on November 20.

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