UNICEF and OXFAM support Cuba for risk reduction

Havana, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) The Community Manual on Inclusive Management for Disaster Risk Reduction in Cuba was presented today as an educational tool with the support of UNICEF and OXFAM.

With contents aimed at schools, families, communities, institutions and organizations, the instrument contributes to a culture of prevention against the impact of disasters, based on inclusive management.

Its implementation includes children, adolescents, women, people with disabilities and the elderly, as protagonists in the creation of preventive plans, Marielys del Toro said, UNICEF’s Program Associate for Disaster Risk Reduction on Cuba, during the virtual presentation. According to Elena Gentili, OXFAM’s country representative in Cuba, those efforts are in addition to the support to Cuba in the face of the hostile US policy that hinders its development.

The publication is intended to be used for learning and communication actions in any socialization space as a support for teachers and other professionals who elaborate prevention and response strategies in the face of different types of disasters.

Among the main issues are the classifications of meteorological phenomena and the proposal of an inclusive approach from the dimensions of gender, children and disability.

Experts from the Cuban Civil Defense, representatives of Humanity & Inclusion and Cuba’s Ministry of Education also participated in the creation of the manual.

The Cuban Association of People with Physical and Motor Disabilities, the National Association of the Blind of Cuba and the National Association of the Deaf also backed the launching of the manual.


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