Unesco Highlights Cuba Achievements in Fighting Ebola

Paris, Nov 11 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) highlighted the role of Cuba in the fight of Ebola, and also its achievements in science and education.

The sending of Cuban doctors and nurses as an expression of solidarity with the African continent was underlined in the Unesco Science Report: towards 2030, presented in the context of the 38th Unesco General Conference.

Cuban health professionals accomplished an honorable mission in that continent, saving more than 400 lives and making mortality rate not to exceed 24.4 percent.

The report also remarked that Cuba was the Latin American country that devotes more than one percent of its gross domestic product to higher education, with a 4.47 percent, followed by Bolivia with 1.61 percent.

According to the report, Cuba remains a top destination for Latin American students. In the last five years, the country welcomed about 17,000 students in its universities, it added.

In general, the report highlighted Cuban achievements over the past five years which aim to search higher levels of competitiveness.


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