Underdevelopment, Poverty in Spotlight on Central American Migration

Mexico, July 3 (Prensa Latina) A hundred political leaders, specialists and officials gathered in Mexico at United Nations (UN) Organization for Food and Agriculture’s (FAO) behest, have ratified on Wednesday that both underdevelopment and poverty are the main causes of the Central American migration exodus.

The event, entitled ‘Rural Opportunities: high-level meeting on migration, development and food safety in Central America’, was being held from Tuesday at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, chaired by the Director General of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), José Graziano da Silva.

In this second and final day, delegates are finishing off the proposal of an action program that promotes rural development, extreme poverty and hunger eradication so that migration is an option and not a necessity.

This is precisely the main objective of the meeting in which hundred participants from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, FAO, the Central American Integration System (SICA) and other institutions, debate a joint response to challenge migration in Central America.

The program of action will consider rural resilience in view of climate change and the adaptation of agriculture to change, the creation of agricultural and non-agricultural employment; income generation and family farming promotion.

Delegates agreed that migration should be a voluntary act, not forced and that poverty, hunger, climate change, insecurity or severe underdevelopment, create a perfect storm in which thousands of people they only see one way out: emigrate.


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