UN: “US Policy Threatens Venezuelan Cancer Patients’ Treatment”

Lifesaving help is needed for Venezuela cancer patients hit by U.S. sanctions.
Lifesaving help is needed for Venezuela cancer patients hit by U.S. sanctions. | Photo: Twitter/@AndyVermaut

“Hundreds of Venezuelan patients could die because they have been trapped in the excessively strict application of U.S. sanctions aimed at Venezuela and the state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA),” reads the letter.

July 22 (teleSUR) The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, informed this Wednesday on his social network Twitter account that six United Nations rapporteurs and experts, through a communiqué, denounced the United States (U.S.) Government for directly affecting the fundamental rights of Venezuelans through Illegal sanctions that prevent treatments for cancer patients.

The experts assure that “targeting PDVSA as a way to control Venezuela’s political agenda has had devastating consequences for hundreds of people undergoing treatment for transplant rejection both in Venezuela and abroad.”

Aina Díaz @AinaDiazVLa Administración Biden es muy progre hasta que resulta que está obstaculizando que los enfermos de cáncer venezolanos puedan ser tratados. Imperialismo genocida.

Jorge Arreaza M@jaarreaza¡Atención! 6 Relatores y Expertos de Naciones Unidas publican Comunicado de Prensa denunciando a EEUU por afectar directamente los derechos fundamentales de los venezolanos, mediante sanciones Ilegales que impiden tratamientos de pacientes con cáncer. #LasSancionesSonUnCrimen


“The Biden Administration is so progressive until it turns out that it is hindering Venezuelan cancer patients from being treated. Genocidal imperialism.”

In that sense, they point out that there are currently some 190 cancer patients on a wait-list for treatment abroad, and some 14 children, including three young children, died between 2017 and 2020 waiting to receive the same. 

“While the right to health and the right to life are fundamental for all people around the world, we call on states, banks, and private companies to take full responsibility for the effects of their actions on people and withdraw sanctions, zero risks, and over-compliance policies that affect fundamental human rights,” the document concludes.

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