UN General Assembly Honors Life and Legacy of Fidel Castro

The members of the U.N. General Assembly remembered Cuban leader Fidel Castro in a special session.

Member states of the U.N. General Assembly paid tribute Tuesday to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, who died on Nov. 25.

The event, during a special session, was proposed by a group of countries from different continents and organized by Cuba’s Permanent Mission to the U.N.

The organization began the tribute with a minute of silence, and the President of the National Assembly Peter Thomson recalled the vision of the revolutionary leader, his call to end all wars, and his fight to eradicate underdevelopment, hunger, poverty and the destruction of natural resources.

Several regional and global organizations expressed their gratitude to Fidel Castro and Cuba’s support in education, medicine, environment, social development, among others.

Rafael Ramirez, representative of Venezuela to the U.N., said his country will be forever grateful for the support given by Fidel to the Bolivarian Revolution.

“I had the privilege to hear his instruction, to have known him, and to work closely with the politician with the biggest impact in the 20th century,” said Ramirez. The official said Fidel was a wise, simple and loyal man to his people and to socialism.

“In the name of Venezuela we offer a sincere tribute to a giant in Latin America and the Caribbean, just like President Nicolas Maduro said, Fidel already delivered, history absolved him and now it’s up to us to keep his name high,” said Ramirez.

The representative of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations said Fidel Castro was the strong voice for social justice in international forums and offered condolences to the leader’s family and the Cuban people.

On behalf of the G-77, which brings together 134 of the 193 U.N. member states, Thai Ambassador Virachai Plasai highlighted the worldwide reach and legacy of Fidel Castro, recalling Fidel’s work to support nations in need.

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teleSUR, December 21, 2016


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