UN-Cuba Urged the Developed World to Protect the Oceans

United Nations, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuba demanded today at the United Nations Conference on Oceans the support of the developed world to the countries of the South with funding and technology to guarantee the protection and sustainable management of these marine areas.

In the third session of the forum taking place until next Friday, Cuban Vice Minister of Science, Technology and Environment José Fidel Santana warned that only with the strict compliance with the objective 14 of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, aimed at preserving the oceans for future generations, the deterioration of the marine resources may be halted and reversed.

However, in order to ensure that developing countries can fulfill it, it is essential that they have the necessary means of implementation. (…) The most industrialized countries have the moral duty, the financial and technological means and the historical responsibility to accompany us in this purpose’ he said.

According to Santana, the management, protection, conservation and recovery of the marine ecosystems are also complex and expensive, due to the need, among other factors, of a high specialization of the infrastructure and equipment required and a trained staff.

The Cuban vice minister pointed out that while it is true that each state must assume greater responsibility for its own development, the will and commitment of the international community is important.


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