U.S.: Trump’s aggressiveness against Cuba and Venezuela rejected

Washington, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) The Marti’s Alliance, which brings together organizations of emigrants from Cuba in Miami, United States, rejected the policy of permanent aggression by the government of President Donald Trump against the island and Venezuela, the entity said today.

According to a note from the coalition, in an event held the eve, the invariable commitment for the right to peace and development of both peoples was once again demonstrated.

Speakers of the meeting were Max Lesnik, Alexa Weber and Ricardo Chang, respective members of the Alliance leadership, the Bolivarian Circle of Miami Negra Hipólita and the José Martí Cultural Association.

Lesnik stressed the importance of continuing the solidarity and defense of Cuba and Venezuela, which fight, he added, for their inalienable right to independence and to forge more just and participatory societies.

He also condemned the actions of the Trump Government, backed, he said, by his worst allies of the right-wing in Venezuela and the United States.

Chang, who recently returned from Cuba, referred to the situation in the island as a result of fuel shortages due to the intensification of the US blockade of almost 60 years.

He blamed the Trump administration for the problem, criticized the disinformation and lies campaigns, and stressed that calm and discipline reign in the greater Antilles.

For his part, Weber discussed the link between the traitorous dome of the Venezuelan opposition, headed by Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly, parliament in contempt, with elements of drug trafficking and paramilitarism of Colombia.

Last January, Trump gave his support to Guaido, who then proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela, and in late April he promoted a coup attempt against the constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro.

According to Weber, the opposition’s actions are intended to bring war and death to Venezuela, in the vile attempt to deliver the country to national and foreign enemies.


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