U.S. Should Exclude Cuba from Terrorist Sponsor List

Havana, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) The permanence of Cuba in the U.S. unilateral list of terrorism-promoting countries, is an obstacle for the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between both nations, says an article published today in daily Granma.

The text signed by Dalia Gonzalez Delgado, specialist of the Center of Hemispheric Studies and on the United States (Celseu), of the University of Havana, affirms that in a world where that scourge is a neuralgic point in the world arena, be accused of promoting it is a serious issue for any country.

This takes on greater severity if accusations lack evidence, as is the case of Cuba, which is included since 1982 in that list, together with Syria, Iran and Sudan.

Last December 17, when Washington and Havana announced the intention of reestablishing diplomatic relations and advance toward normalization, president Barack Obama gave instructions to review the inclusion of Cuba in that list, remembers the author of the article.

As a Cuban official declared to Granma, the fact of being included in that list is not only a symbol, but it has legal consequences that include restrictions on exports, trade, development aid, credits, among others.

Financial entities of third countries are reluctant to make transactions with those included in the list, fearing sanctions from Washington, as happened last year of Paribas bank which was imposed a fine of over eight billion dollars for doing business with Sudan, Iran and Cuba.

This is an extraterritorial application of U.S. regulations. Also, the U.S. Department itself says that the inclusion of countries in the list must be sustained by evidence that the country has repeatedly incurred in actions of that type.

However, the most recent report dating from April 30 last year, admits as in previous occasions, there is no information to prove the Cuban government had supplied weapons or paramilitary training to terrorist groups.

Also, the article admits that Cuba backed and promoted peace negotiations between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army and the Government to reach a peace agreement between the parts.

In the particular case of Cuba, it is absurd and false our inclusion in the list because this country has been a victim during all this time of State terrorism practiced by and from the United States, concluded the Cuban official.


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