U.S. religious leaders call on Obama to improve relations with Cuba

U.S. religious leaders today called on President Barack Obama to take a brave man to improve the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba executive action.

A letter to the president by several Christian leaders, evangelical churches, Moravian, the National Council of Churches USA, Churches Prebisterianas and other congregations, we urge immediate and engage in good faith discussions with Cuba.

These discussions should take into consideration the concerns of Cubans on the politics of Washington, including the imprisonment of the remaining three members of the Cuban Five, serving unjust sentences for trying to prevent terrorism against his country.

In U.S. prisons remain Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Ramón Labañino, serving unjust sentences for trying to prevent terrorism against his country. René González and Fernando González returned to Cuba after serving the sentences in a rigged process.

The letter points out that programs like ZunZuneo project are ineffective and wrong. In the interest of advancing the restoration of relations, the leaders of American churches call to open a high-level dialogue to address a wide range of topics, including the issue of the Cuban Five and Alan Gross.

Also issue general licenses to allow travel in all categories, remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring state terrorism, an irritating and unnecessary item in an already tense relationship that takes away the credibility of the list itself.




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