U.S. Publicist, Winner of Havana Cigar Festival Prize, Comments on Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 3 (acn) The Havana Cigar of the Year Prize in the sphere of communication was given to U.S. publicist Gary Heathcott, who praised on Saturday the efforts of Cubans and expressed his hope in the resumption of relations between Havana and Washington.

He said that good relations between the two states is a dream for him, in addition to committing himself to do everything within his grasp so this dream comes true.

The Havana Cigar of the Year Prize was handed over in the closing ceremony of the 17th edition of the Havana Cigar Festival, which took place over the weekend at the capital’s Pabexpo Pavilion.

Gary, who has been visiting Cuba for the last 24 years, owns an advertising agency named after him in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been working in this sector for the last 41 years and adores Cuban cigars, for considering them to be the best in the world due to their aroma and taste, qualities provided by the soil of the Caribbean country.

For quite a while now he decided to write articles and make documentaries about Cuba, particularly on cigars, some of them published by the famous cigar smoker’s magazine Smoke.

In 1999 he wrote his first article on Cuba, and then began to make the documentaries (like Pasión de los torcedores), prepare materials on Ernest Hemingway’s stay on the Caribbean island and on drinks like rum, mojito or daiquiri, and on Cuban music.

He pointed out that while some persons in his country are against changes in U.S.-Cuba relations, more than 60 percent of Americans believe it’s time for them to occur.

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