U.S. Prepares Operation Pliers to Attack Venezuela Militarily

Caracas, Mar 16 (Prensa Latina) The United States is preparing the so-called Operation Pliers to attack Venezuela using forces from the countries of the region ruled by right-wing governments, Adan Chavez, a member of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), said today.

The chairman of the ANC Foreign Relations Committee told reporters that the attack on the Venezuelan people and government might involve soldiers from Colombia and Peru.

He recalled that more than once, U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to launch an armed attack on Venezuela, and his administration has waged a non-conventional war from the political, economic and communicational viewpoints to try to demoralize the Venezuelan people.

‘They would like to imagine Venezuela in the center of pliers, they want to use military forces from the west and east on which they rely on to attack our territory and launch an invasion to create destabilization,’ he explained.

Chavez pointed out that Venezuelans are dealing with Washington’s current aggressiveness against the Bolivarian Revolution, which was established by Commander Hugo Chavez in 1999 and which Nicolas Maduro plans to continue and strengthen if he is reelected for a new presidential term in the May 20 elections.

In order to defend its democracy, Venezuela has implemented a communicational strategy to counter the media siege imposed by the United States as part of his interfering strategy against this South American nation and the progressive processes in Latin America, he noted.

With collaboration from other countries, as well as from social organizations and movements, an international information network, devised by President Nicolas Maduro and aimed at the main operation center of social networks, is being organized, said the director of the Center for High Studies on Commander Hugo Chavez.

He noted that the initiative aims to spread the truth about Venezuela, a country that will set another example of democratic consolidation in the upcoming elections, during which the state and municipal lawmakers will be elected as well.

‘Definitely, we are seeking to consolidate an international communication network to continue to tell the truth about our peoples, to continue to promote Venezuela’s truth and the truth of the peoples of our Americas through all possible means, the truths of the peoples from other continents,’ Adan Chavez pointed out.

He condemned Washington’s effort to denigrate the image of Hugo Chavez to eliminate his example of struggle, resistance and as a model of the possibility to build a fair society.

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