U.S. Lawmakers will Try to Mitigate Damage from Cuba Policy

Washington, Jun 16 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Working Group (CWG) in the U.S. Congress said on Friday that in the next few days, it will get deeply involved with federal agencies to mitigate the harmful consequences of the new policy on the Caribbean island.

Shortly after President Donald Trump announced in Miami his decision to reverse the rapprochement with Cuba that the previous administration had started, the bipartisan body issued a communiqué criticizing that measure.

The co-presidents of that group, the Democratic representatives Barbara Lee and Kathy Castor, and the Republican Congressmen Rick Crawford and Tom Emmer, pointed out that Trump’s announcement is bad for U.S. business and an unjustifiable risk for national security.

They pointed out that the new policy is a blow to the people and the private sector in Cuba

Most U.S. citizens, as well as a large coalition of Republicans and Democrats in the Capitol, strongly support travels and trade, they noted.

The CGW, made up of 24 Congress people, added that instead of reversing the rapprochement with Cuba, a bigger door should be opened to commitment to the neighboring island.

The group called on the Trump administration to reconsider that counterproductive decision.

We will double our efforts to promote policies that make our economy grow, strengthen national security and benefit the Cuban people, they stressed.


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