U.S.: Democratic Presidential Candidate for Expanding Ties with Cuba

Washington, Jun 5 ( Prensa Latina ) Democratic Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar today called for moving forward U.S. relations with Cuba after Donald Trump”s administration imposed more travel restrictions to the island.

The administration’s latest travel restrictions to Cuba are another setback,’ wrote the legislator from Minnesota on Twitter, a promoter of rapprochement between the two nations.

Klobuchar, who in recent statements to Prensa Latina reiterated her support for the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of almost 60 years that the United States maintains today against Cuba, recalled in the social network that he is leading a bipartisan bill to end this siege.

Isolating Cuba for more than five decades has not secured our interests. We need to advance our relationship, not go backwards,’ he remarked.

The candidate for the White House, along with her colleagues in the Upper House Patrick Leahy (Democrat) and Mike Enzi (Republican), presented last February the bill on Freedom of Export to Cuba, aimed at lifting the blockade.

Klobuchar’s reaction on Wednesday came after the Republican’s executive announced a ban from today on group educational trips from town to town made under the auspices of an organization subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

Likewise, the end was put to what became the fastest-expanding way of travel among US citizens to go to Cuba: cruise ship tours.

This is because the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security limited the types of aircraft and vessels authorized to go to the Caribbean country temporarily, which prevents ‘private and corporate aircraft, cruise ships, sailboats, fishing boats and other aircraft and similar vessels’.


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