U.S. Delta Airline Bets for Cuban Market, Despite U.S. Blockade

Havana, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) U.S. airline Delta expressed support for the Cuban market today, following a year of flights between Cuba and the United States, despite the economic, commercial and financial U. S. blockade against Cuba.

Delta airline transported 93,000 passengers between the two countries in a year and seeks to increase commercial actions, as its directors are pleased with the results a year after the beginning of flights.

Rodrigo Bertola, director of Delta airline for South America, Central America and the Caribbean, told journalist Sergio Alejandro Gomez, from the Granma newspaper, that the company is doing very well and expressed his satisfaction in this regard.

Bertola said that the company seeks to open a second line for the Miami-Havana route, which has high demand, while reporting that the rate of flights sold remained around 70 percent, a figure he described as positive for a new destination subject to such limitations.

Regarding the impact of the new regulations of Donald Trump’s administration on Cuba, which make even more difficult the trips of U.S. people to Cuba, Bertola said that they are still very fresh and his company is reviewing them for compliance.

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