U.S. companies look to export fertilizers to Cuba

As Cuba and the United States move closer towards re-establishing diplomatic relations, U.S. companies are increasingly looking for commercial opportunities on the island. The U.S. already exports food to Cuba, next could be pesticides and fertilizers. Yet, Cuba has a large and well-established organic farming sector using only non-chemical products. CCTV correspondent Michael Voss filed this report.

U.S. organic food sales by category, 2005-2014

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 7.37.40 AM

Note: Data for 2012-2014 are estimates. Sources: USDA, Economic Research Service using data from Nutrition Business Journal.


  • There are more than 10 thousand urban organic farms in Cuba, producing around half of all the country’s vegetables, according to the Government’s Urban Agriculture Program.
  • Many of the bigger rural farms already use chemical pesticides to control insects and plant diseases.
  • Despite the success of the urban farms, Cuba still imports more than half of all the food it needs

CCTV America, April 28, 2015


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