U.S. Applies in Venezuela Training Manual of Perfect Latin Coup

Caracas, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) The plan to intervene militarily applied by the United States on Venezuela responds to the manual of the Latin American perfect coup dӎtat, denounced today Division General Francisco Ortega.

In an interview with Venezolana de Television network,

the officer asserted that Washington carries out this strategy, described in the document, applied in Chile to overthrow the government of Salvador Allende (1908-1973).

He assured in Chile they incentivated speculation and applied hoarding food, items of basic need and money to provoke popular discomfort, as in Venezuela now.

Ortega stressed that the government also faces a fifth generation war with the participation of news media, which play their role with international media campaigns to discredit and manipulate the truth to the world, he said.

On another hand, he stressed that ‘Venezuela has excellent soldiers in the Defense of the Homeland, the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (Fanb) and and our thoughts are clear, unique and precise to guarantee national sovereignty’, added the division general.

In that sense, he highlighted the strategic vision of

Hugo Chávez in the defense of the country, with the creation of the Bolivarian National Militia, which was one of the most relevant of the Commander of Venezuelan Revolution.

‘We have almost over a million persons in the Militia, organized and conscientious of their commitment with the country. Venezuela has men and women willing and strong to defend the Homeland’, he added.

Equally he referred to the success achieved with the recent Excercise Bolivarian Sovereignty 2017, which, he asserted, demonstrated the response capacity of the nation before a possible foreign military incursión, said the Division General.


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