U.S. activists to send donation Hurricane Ian victims in Cuba

Miami, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) U.S. activists sent 40,000 pounds of humanitarian aid to Cuba for the victims of Hurricane Ian that ravaged infrastructures and houses in the western part of the country past September 2022.

The batch, from the Everglades port, will arrive at the Mariel port and includes corrugated iron roofing, concrete and electrical plants, windows, plywood, drills and other essential items.

The donation is made possible by the collaboration of different associations including ANSWER Coalition, The People’s Forum, the National Hostosian Independence Movement of Puerto Rico, the Alianza Martiana, the Cuba-Western Sydney Solidarity Committee (Australia), and the Mexico Solidarity Network of the United States.

A press release from the Hatuey project, which groups several of these organizations in solidarity with Cuba, pointed out it managed to receive an export license from the Department of Commerce, and had previously transferred an emergency batch with special medicines for people affected in the Matanzas deadly fire past August 5.


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