Two U.S. Senators Visit Havana’s Tropical Medicine Institute

7321-senators-us[1]U.S. senators Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democrat Tom Udall of New Mexico toured Havana’s Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute during a visit to Cuba, according to information on the website of that scientific research center.The two senators were accompanied by their assistants and by Philip Peters, expert with the Cuba Research Center in the United States.

The visitors were interested in learning about the Cuban Health System and about the institution, particularly the participation of Cuba in the fight against Ebola.

The Tropical Medicine Institute has been hosting the first International Workshop for the prevention and fight against Ebola, which runs until Friday, November 14th, with the participation of over 100 medical professionals from 18 Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Participants also include representatives from Africa and a Caribbean Public health agency, from Cuban medical brigades in Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Trinidad-Tobago and Mozambique, as well as other Cuban health professionals with the central unit for medical cooperation, the Civil Defense Research Center and the Interior Ministry.

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