Twenty years later, Gerardo Hernandez votes in Cuba again

CUBA-LA HABANA-ERARDO EJERCE SU VOTOHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 19 (acn) Gerardo Hernandez, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, cast his ballot today during the first municipal elections he can attend after spending unjustly 16 years in US jails.

After exercising his right to vote, Gerardo, one of the Cuban Five, said it was a symbolic day for him, since he hadn’t done it for some 20 years.

Sometimes people don’t take full advantage of this space to elect the most capable ones among us, an issue we must work on, because if we don’t choose somebody who truly identifies himself with the problems in the neighborhood, it will be hard to solve them, he said.

He spoke of recent events that set the tone of these elections, like the Summit of the Americas in Panama, where ¨Cuba reaffirmed it has always been on the right side of history, and it was clear for everyone who were always wrong.¨

¨Star are aligning and show that we have always undeterred on the right path, with the same revolutionary principles we have defended for over 50 years,¨ he said

Accompanied by his wife Adriana, Gerardo told neighbors and friends: ¨The Five are soldiers of the Homeland and we will always be where needed the most.¨

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